Do I need a garden design?

We recognise how confusing choosing between landscaping services or splashing out on a garden designer might be.  Searching websites where prices are not displayed makes determining affordability and good value for money challenging. You may feel bewildered, confused and reaching for a glass wine.

We have seen clients grapple with this problem time and time again. What you want to know is,

  1. Who to turn to.
  2. Is a garden design REALLY necessary?

The honest answer from Rodney Lovell, our company director and garden designer, and contrary to what you might read in other blogs,

“A garden design isn’t always necessary, sometimes a sketch is all that is required. I shouldn’t say that should I?” (laugh)…

We wanted to provide clarity and a solution for our clients. We offer both comprehensive design consultation services and a value for money sketch service too.

Here are the differences, leaving you in a position to make an informed choice about what to do next.

We offer a free initial visit whichever route you choose. At the visit you can expect Rod, George or Rob to talk through the ideas you have for your garden.

With our years of experience we can advise and offer some alternative ideas that may spark some new thinking. 

By the end of the no obligation consultation we’ll be able to advise whether sketch or design services are right for you.

Sketch Services: We provide a hand drawn, to scale plan from £0-800 alongside a detailed construction quote. At this point, it is common for our clients to make changes to the design and materials. Once the quote is agreed and approved we can get your project scheduled in our diary. Check out our lead times on the Design & Build page.

Communication on any build is vital to it’s success, we find a sketch helps keep everyone communicating effectively and working towards the same goal.  

Design sketch

Design Consultation Services: If you require:

  • a full survey for your site
  • detailed plans
  • novelty and cutting edge design

We charge our design services on a % build cost basis.

Our design services are much more comprehensive. Rod Lovell uses CAD software to produce 3D designs and construction drawings and specifications. We work with George Butler (planting specialist) from the outset delivering a fully costed garden design, mood board and planting plan.

Construction quotes are completed once the design is finalised, not before. You may prefer to obtain a couple of construction quotes, including ours, to check costs involved. We can arrange this for you. If you go ahead with our construction team you do not pay a management fee for the build.

  • We pride ourselves being value for money, we are not the cheapest construction quote out there.
  • We pay our staff well, we have happy staff and good retention which makes for the quality work we see in all our gardens.
  • We also quote with integrity and price quoted, we gaurantee is price paid.
  • You will receive a genuine experience expected from our Landmark reputation.

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