Urban design contemporary walling

Are you looking for an clean, modern, low maintenance garden?

Here we review Marshalls Argent Walling, which offers an alternative to standard brick or stone.

The material met our client brief for replacing a retaining wall of rotten sleepers for a contemporary, urban style alternative.

A hard wearing block walling solution, described by Marshalls as a “sleek, sophistiated finish,” the granite adds a touch of sparkle. The use of adhesive instead of mortar offers a clean line, chic finish.

We liked the simple, clean finish even if a bit stark. The coldness can easily be softened with simple planted troughs and pots to add colour and texture.

What we didn’t like…The blocks must be arranged in one orientation due to the single side smooth cut edge, leaving the exposed edge looking a little like a DIY error, this seems a poor oversight by Marshalls.

Durability: Life-long but lacks the versatility and sympathetic look of sleepers.

Cost: Mid-expensive range product. Frustrating purchasing in batches, rather than to order adding to the cost. However, it’s an easy product to build and savings can be made on reduced labour intensity.

Note block walling complimented by porcelain paving and pebbled border for drainage.


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